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Alzheimer's Disease (AD) Concept Map: An Overview

Alzheimer's Disease is a gradually progressive dementia that is affecting cognition, behavior, and functional status.

This map links between the main points in AD including; clinical presentation, diagnosis, etiology and risk factors, pathophysiology, treatment and monitoring. And here are some parts of the map.

Part of AD concept map - Click to enlarge

Other Types of Dementia
- Vascular dementia.
- Lewy body dementia
- Frontotemporal dementia
- Mixed dementia


This image shows part of the map explaining in a logical sequence the pathophysiology of Alzheimer's disease.
Part of AD Pathophysiology - Click to enlarge

Pharmacological Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease

Note that current medications do not cure AD or reverse its pathophysiologic process. They aims to symptomatically treat the cognitive difficulties and treat psychiatric and behavioral sequelae.
As shown in the image below, AD pharmacological treatment is divided up into:
Treatment of Cognitive Difficulties
- Cholinesterase Inhibitors.
- Memantine.
Cholinesterase Inhibitors - Alzheimer's Disease

Treatment of Psychiatric/ Behavioural Sequale (Non-cognitive Symptoms)
Only for:
- Aggressive patients.
- Patients who pose a danger to self or others.
- Patients having symptoms that are interfering with function.
Includes; Antipsychotics, Antidepressants, and Anticonvulsants.
Each category is discussed thoroughly in the map.

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Alzheimer's Disease Concept Map is written by: May Mehanna, MS, BCPS
Reviewed and edited by Maha Atef, B Pharm.
Last updated on: 23 April 2018


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