Felicitations on bringing out these concept maps. It would be ideal to use for PBL for our medical students.
Dr.Chitra G Raja, medical doctor and clinical pharmacologist, Mahsa University - Malaysia
You sound down to earth and very helpful, I wish the teachers were this helpful… I like to learn visually, hands on. I dread books so you can see why I love your one page design of learning.
A Student Nurse - Australia
This is a staggering map! (about Acne Vulgaris map) One of the biggerst and best we have ever seen on Biggerplate!!! Packed full of information, this is an amazing use of mind mapping.
Liam Hughes, Founder of Biggerplate websiteUK

Who are "Zooming out"?

We are a team of pharmacists who are interested in the science of pharmacotherapy, which is represented through this site. At this site we are trying to help whoever experiences difficulty understanding and memorizing diseases and their corresponding treatment approaches. We are convinced with the idea of connecting information together and making links between it, to prevent its escape from minds, so we are presenting diseases using the concept mapping and the mind mapping methods to help in dealing with “information explosion!” in the field of pharmacotherapy. We really hope that you find this site helpful. Know more about those who are Zooming out!