Who are zooming out?

Maha Atef Hassan, B Pharm 
Founder & Editor
Pharmacovigilance Specialist in a pharmaceutical company. 
Diploma in Clinical Pharmacy, ASU.
Diploma in TQM for Healthcare Reform, AUC.
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Hagar Mohammed Abdel'al, B Pharm 
Egyptian Professional Diploma From ICC: Health Care Management, New Trends and Practical Applications in Family Medicine, 2010.
Community Pharmacist.
Contact Hagar: phhagar_zoomout@hotmail.com
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Mai Mahmoud Mehanna, MS, BCPS 
Contact Mai: phmai1148@gmail.com
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Who are "Zooming out"?

We are a team of pharmacists who are interested in the science of pharmacotherapy, which is represented through this site. At this site we are trying to help whoever experiences difficulty understanding and memorizing diseases and their corresponding treatment approaches. We are convinced with the idea of connecting information together and making links between it, to prevent its escape from minds, so we are presenting diseases using the concept mapping and the mind mapping methods to help in dealing with “information explosion!” in the field of pharmacotherapy. We really hope that you find this site helpful. Know more about those who are Zooming out!